1,111 Unique Astronimals exploring space in the Polygon Networks.

1,111 unique astronimals exploring space in the polygon Network

Astronimals are sent out to explore the universe as the first phase. The next phase is to deploy humans to explore and discover new planets. Our brave characters are Horny the bull , Fatty The Elephant , Stripey the Tiger , Sharpy the Croc , Hungry the Gorilla , Kebab the Goat , Smelly the Cat and Woofy the Dog.



Website will be revealed for the Community


minting will be live on february 20th,2022 with a limited supply of 1,111 Astronimals


Exclusive Giveaways and airdrops for the Astronimals family

AstroHumans NFT

As the next Phase , humans will be sent to the space to explore the universe

Meet Our Astronimals

Horny the bull

Fatty the elephant

Woofy The Dog

Stripey the tiger



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