1,111 Unique astronimals exploring space in the Polygon Network.

As the first step to explore the universe , humans sent Animals to explore and discover new planets . The Names of them are Bully the Bull , Lilly the Cat , Spikey the Croc , Bob the Dog , Fatty the Elephant , Kebab the Goat and Hungry the Tiger. 

The Roadmap

1.Astronimals website
The Astronimals website will be revealed for the public
4. airdrops and giveaways
Airdrops and giveaways for holders

2 .Minting
Minting will be live in January 20th

5. Collabs with other projects
Exclusive collabs with other NFT projects

3 .Opensea
Astronimals will be listed on opensea for trading

6. AstroHumans NFT
Once all animals have been deployed to explore , humans will be the next step